Alberto Nigro
Actor Steve Buscemi
Status Alive
Age 55
Occupation Pizzeria owner
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 1
Alberto Nigro is a supporting character of Deadlands. He is a middle aged man who runs one of the last traditional pizzerias of the area.


Alberto Nigro is an Italian-American citizen who runs a small pizzeria in Little Italy. Jay works for him. 


Nothing is known about him after the apocalypse.

Killed VictimsEdit



Jay Hendrix : Although Jay complains about his payment, he can see Alberto is a kind man who cares about others. Alberto is also friendly towards Jay, since he insists his employees call him Mr Alberto instead of Mr Nigro. 

Dorian Monroe: Dorian and Alberto haven't interracted yet, but it can be assumed Alberto is a s friendly with him as he is with Jay.

Ricardo Cascorda: Alberto and Ricardo's father were friends when the latter was alive. After his death, Alberto hired Ricardo because he needed a job to support his family financially. He has said that if something was to happen to him, he wanted Ricardo to run the pizzeria.


  • He is of italian origin
  • He has no children