In this page I will instruct you how to submit your own story to this wiki.

Write your story in a text documentEdit

  1. You can use from notepad to Microsoft office. We recommend Libreoffice, an open-source application, completely free and equal to Microsoft office when it comes to functionality.
  2. Make sure you have read and agreed that your story meets all the criteria a story must meet. Check out the rules here
  3. Find interesting scenarios, explore your characters as much as you can. Althugh you can find inspiration anywhere, we recommend you check out the ideas page. There are plenty of ideas there.

How to upload your story in this wiki.Edit

When you have written the first chapter of your story, you can then upload it here. To do so follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to a new page in this wiki, and click the "Contribute" button on the upper right of the page. Then select "Add a page"
  2. A new context should appear. Name your wiki and sselect "Standard Layout". Then hit "Add a page"
  3. You have created the page your story will appear in. Now modify it to depict your story. Notice it says somewhere "Write the first paragraph of your page here.". In that place describe in a few words what your story will look like.
  4. Below that, the title says "Section Heading". Replace it with "Chapters". Under this section you will submit the chapters you will write in the future. There will be a list here with the current chapters, split in volumes, and each chapter name will be a link to the page of the chapter. To add a chapter, see here how to do this. 
  5. Replace the next section heading with "Characters. Underneath it you must have a list of all, or at least the most important characters that appear in your story. Every name must lead to the character's page. See here how to do this.
  6. Congratulations, you have just created the page for your story. Next, you will need to submit the first chapter of your story. Check here on how to do this.
  7. Good luck with writing your story, and have fun!!