Jay Hendrix
Actor David Gallagher
Status Alive
Age 26
Occupation Delivery boy
Gender Male
First Seen Issue 1
Jay Hendrix is a character and one of the main protagonists of Deadlands. He is 26 years old when the apocalypse struck


Not much is known about his life before the apocalypse other than he left home and travelled to New York, where he currently lives alone and works at the pizzeria owned by Alberto Nigro



Killed VictimsEdit



Alberto Nigro : Although Jay complains about his payment, he can see Alberto is a kind man who cares about others. Alberto is also friendly towards Jay, since he insists his employees call him Mr Alberto instead of Mr Nigro.

Dorian Monroe  : He and Dorian retain a friendly relationship. They occasionally go out after work, but Jay doesn't reveal much about himself and this seems to bother Dorian a bit.

Ricardo Cascorda: Despite the age difference, the two seem to hang out from time to time and enjoy each other's company as shown when Jay said he and Dorian showed Ricardo how to hit on girls.


It is currently unknown if he has any family