Welcome to the Dead World Wiki, where you will find lots of zombie stories, with the special feature that they take place in the same universe, allowing every interaction between stories. Unleash your imagination!!

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What happened here?Edit

Zombies happened.

Dead world is similar to earth. In the end of 2012, the dead rose from their graves as flesh eating zombies against the living. Every person who died in the few previous years rose and walked the earth once more, lusting for human meat and blood. Every bitten person died and came back as one of them. With every death, their ranks grew and the danger became more imminent. The army took over, dedicated to enstablish peace and order among the public. Scientists worked day and night to determine the cause of this, but didn't find much. Only that there was no cure, infected peoople were already dead, and that it had to do something with the brain. Zombies could die only if the brain was damaged. Meanwhile, people were terrified. Despite the efforts done by the army, chaos prevailed. One by one, communities, cities, countries ceased to exist and fell to the undead plague. Now all that remains is death, silence and sorrow. A world that reminds nothing of its former self. Only exception are the survivors, people that so far have managed to survive the zombies. These are their stories. Follow them on their quest for survival, or even create your own characters and write your own story. We hope you have as much fun as we do!!

Write your story!Edit

Share the dead world universe with us and tell us about your characters and their stories. The following are a few easy steps to help you submit your story.

  1. First, please read the rules and make sure your story meets all the criteria.
  2. (optional) Youcan visit the ideas page for inspiration, where members publish their own ideas to help others.Have an idea for something? Post it there too. Others may find it useful!
  3. Now to the part where you create your pages. There will be at least three kinds of pages.

​        1) The story page

  2)the chapter pages (one for each chapter) 

  3)he character pages (also one for each character)

  You can also add any other page you want, like places, vehicles, weapons, events, etc.

Finally, here is how each page should look (You just change the custom names with your own):

Lastly, go to this page and add your story to the list

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are happy to have you in our community

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